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Changing People’s Minecraft Skin Troll
🡆 I challenged myself to change people’s minecraft skins (noobs)
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Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Ivan B – Sweaters

How should I troll people in Minecraft next time?

How do you change people’s minecraft skins?
I set people a challenge to change their minecraft skin in a space of 30 seconds in return for a reward of diamonds. If they failed to do so, I moved onto the next person. We eventually found someone who actually changed to the best/worst minecraft skin in existence, the derpy noob.

What is this video?
I take a toll at trolling with OP or gamemode or admin rank again like the good days. I have access to all server commands so I can do any troll imaginable. In this instance I parody numerous common minecraft trolling ideas that seem to get repeated. In this case it’s the trolling a noob concept, making people change their skins to get the overused Minecraft steve derp skin that everyone uses in their thumbnails. Skyblock is my new meme land to record on.

Not everyone changed their minecraft skin unfortunately

Where do you normally record?
Most videos are recorded on Hypixel, more specifically Hypixel SkyWars or Bed Wars, the IP is listed below. I am quite the avid Hypixel player if you could not tell.

Can I friend you on Hypixel?
Unfortunately for obvious reasons I cannot friend every single person.

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