Captain Goodnight for the Apple II

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An ultimatum has been received at F.O.G. HQ. The ultimatum: 200 billion dollars in gold bullion must be delivered to Federation of Evil (F.O.E.) agents within the next 24 hours or the free world will be destroyed. The ultimatum is taken very seriously by F.O.G. as the source of the message is somewhere on or near the Fear Islands, the last known location of the laboratories of the infamous Doctor Maybe. The evil Doctor Maybe has the resources and the capability to develop a world-destroying weapon.

In order to stop Doctor Maybe, F.O.G. has called on their best agent – Captain Roscoe “Buzz” Goodnight.

In this action game, the player assumes control of Captain Goodnight, and must travel to the Fear Islands to find and destroy Doctor Maybe’s doomsday machine before it can be activated. The islands are well guarded and Captain Goodnight will have to battle Doctor Maybe’s fiendish defense robots on land, in the air, and on sea. In the course of the game, Captain Goodnight must fly a jet across F.O.E. territory, battle robots on foot and in a tank and a jeep, ride a tram, cross the ocean in boats and a sub, and battle killer robots in tunnels.

The clock is ticking down – will Captain Goodnight destroy the doomsday machine in time?

Captain Goodnight (aka. Captain Goodnight and the Islands of Fear) is considered by many as one of the greatest Apple II games.

But is it really so glorious?

P.S. If you want to see more of this game, I recommend chaos5482’s walkthrough:


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