CannonBall Blitz for the Apple II

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The player has to reach the flag on the top. The guard sends the cannonballs down, so you must jump over them. Cannonballs roll on the floors which have hatches, that open randomly. Also cannonballs fall on the swings, so you have to use them for climbing to the upper floor. Finally you must catch the balloon to make your way up to the flag and to the next level. Moving options available are up, down, left, right and jump.

Well, it’s an okay Donkey Kong clone. But also a hard one.

And sometimes it is unfairly hard, as 2 cannon ballswhich are quite close to eachother roll forwards to you.

Oh and the game has some nice music. 😉


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  1. so a school project? I was about to point out that it was a harder to play clone, but what school projects aren't take from the older games?

  2. I used the ORCA/M disassembler to rip this program apart and learned a lot about Apple 2 internals and assembly language. Great fun two ways.

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