California Games for the Apple II [Part 01 02]

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California Games was the original “Extreme Games” — what today’s generation might call “X-Games in the sun”. Players can select sponsors (absent in some versions) and compete in events such as skateboarding, footbag, surfing, roller skating, flying disc (frisbee) and BMX. The surfing event is ranked by judges, which give a score to help the players improve their routine.

Ah, yeah…California Games. Amazing graphics and great gameplay.

But here … not that much.Yes, the graphics are amazing…especially for an Apple II game. But the controls in some events…ugh.

Well, here it is what I think of all those events:

Half-pipe: Uhm, horrible…you will never get used to the controls.

Hackeysack (here called foot bag): Worth playing, definitely better controls than Half-pipe. Also better controls than its Atari 2600 counterpart…for the most time.

Surfing: Can’t honestly give an opinion to that, as I don’t like surfing games. =/

Skating: Okay, but you have to get used to the controls.
BMX: Same as with the half-pipe, plus you are in a quite narrow track and most of the time he will do what he wants.

Flying Disk: Well, maybe it’s just me, but I think you can do whatever you want, nothing seems to work out well.

Sadly, it’s a rather mediocre version of California Games.
Heck, even mobygames says so. o_O


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  1. i loved this game as a kid played for hours, but when i got the IIgs upgrade, omg, like getting a new game, spent another hundred hours playing with better graphics controls and sound… bmx was probably were i spent most of my time, but all the games were fun…

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