C9 vs DW – World Championship 2017 Play In Stage – Cloud9 vs Dire Wolves

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Cloud9 vs Dire Wolves – World Championship 2017 Play In Stage – C9 vs DW
Picks & Bans: 1:31 Game Start: 8:06

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  1. LOL. "Minions have written home to their loved ones…." As Atlus is saying that you can see Zirene be like "Where you going with that?". Then he gets the joke and laughs on the inside.

  2. Props to DW, they were terrific during the landing phase. All they need to do is improve their macro and they could be a top team. But holy crap, C9 with that comeback. AND UNDER 30 MINUTES!? I was laughing hysterically at the end, my god.

  3. Dont know who is more retarded but i have to go with c9, they won but still anybody who is a "pro" shouldnt die 4 times against literaly the same play in the bot lane, Gues c9 is in bronze afterall… Its done, you cant say shit EU>NA forever…

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