Black Magic for the Apple II

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Quite amazing game…

I mean everything rocks…well, almost…

The controls could be better, but it is a quite fun game anyways.

The only thing that is better than the game itself is the game over screen, seriously …… WATCH IT!!!!!! 😉


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  1. I rocked this game when I was a kid. I just thought it was unfair how there were 3 or so levels of difficulty that were randomly picked when you started the game. Blinking up to that thing towards the end could prove to be frustrating and it got crazy hard after you beat it once and tried again.

  2. @motleyhar I always thought that game was so tough, but when I look back on it I must have been 8-10 or so. Maybe that was why!
    I remember getting Necromancer and most or all of the eyes many times, but I don't think I ever figured out what I had to do to win. I remember I got Necromancer quite a few times before I figured out how to even use spells (accidentally hit the right key), haha… 🙁

  3. yeah this game is a classic, i wish they would remake some of these games, another game i loved was pharoh's revenge on the apple IIe, and the immortal on apple iigs…

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