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ShadowGun is a third person shooter; not a first person shooter. Sorry for the mislabeling.
Check out how capable the iPad Mini is in terms of handling the top-notch CG intensive games on the iOS platform…
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  1. Wow the A5 chip runs perfectly on iPad Mini. But wait till iPad Mini 2 comes out with a Retina Display and an A7 Chip delivering 4X CPU and 8X Graphics!!! The results will be limitless!

  2. OH yeah. The A7 Chip smokes the A5. Will upload a comparison video. If only the Mini 2 had the same camera and flash as the iPhone 5s, I'd get one without a thought. Right now I use my iPhone 5s to shoot, enhance, edit & publish my videos. Don't need my Macbook Air anymore.

  3. Cool! Thought so but at least with the mini it's lighter, cheaper and smaller to hold with one hand, and is still a big display size than any other tablet!

  4. Right on! After watching the conference i was real shocked that they actually upgraded it this much for the same price as iPad 2! Thought it was gonna cost the same as iPhone 5S! I really don't think Apple can be more generous by putting all that expensive technology in a device like iPad mini, which comes with iOS 7, iLife and iWork! Don't care what people say, it's the best one yet!

  5. Yeah I was praying they wouldn't settle with an A6 or A6x as rumors had it. They really outdid themselves this time. The iPad mini 2 prob will cost them more money to manufacture than the iPad Air so it's a great deal at $100 less. I have the iPhone 5s and am loving the A7 chip and the I'll probably skip the iPad Mini 2. If it had an A8 chip and a better camera, I'd get it for sure. Here's to increasingly awesome iPad mini 3,4,5,and so on.

  6. Real don't think an A8 chip or a better camera would be necessary with what they've done now. Apple should real focus on making their products stronger! Theirs a Samsung Galaxy with Gorilla Glass that is incredibly stronger than others, so when Apple make their next line-up it should be called iPad Mini with Gorilla Glass!

  7. Well, I was just talking about what I'd like. A faster processor is always welcome for content creators. I encode a lot of videos on my iPhone 5s because it has the A7. Before that, I used the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini 2's A7 won't give me a performance boost so that's why I might skip it and wait for A8 or A9 and more RAM. and hopefully a better camera for my line of work, which is blogging. I'd like to be able to do my work quickly all on one device. The iPhone 5s is that device now.

  8. 8x faster according to Apple. I have the iPhone 5s with the same A7 chip n graphics are top notch. No doubt the iPad mini 2 will kick some ass in that department. It's gonna be a beast of a device. Not just for gaming but for work as well.

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