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  1. Two awesome IOS games that I have been playing recently are Oceanhorn and rymdkapsel. Oh, and Minecraft:Pocket Edition also got a pretty cool update.

  2. i tried csr classics i was on the fence about it. tho i must admit the graphics are sweet i gave up quickly. i was getting beat left right and center. and felt i was just wasting energy.

  3. Do you like the GTA series on mobile they got pretty much every single 6th gen grand theft auto san andreas Vice City and grand theft auto 3

  4. I see u have some nice videos,i enjoy watching them and i love your channel.
    I am trying to get some subscribers to view and like my content,I do Android And iOS gaming mostly,also call of duty custom maps.If u have a second take a look to my videos and if you like what you see make sure to subscribe.
    Thank you very much 🙂

  5. Just discovered an awesome free Japanese rhythm game called "LoveLive – School Idol" for iOS. If you enjoy anime style visuals and rhythm-based gameplay (like Ouendan or Cytus for iOS, another game which I highly recommend), you'll love this game! Has a fun RPG element where you can level up/"evolve" your characters by fusing them.

  6. Your awesome I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and every time you never disappoint, other channels seem like their reviews are forced and rushed, where yours you can tell you put time in and actually enjoy gaming in general. Whenever I’m interested in getting a game be it a hidden gem or just looking for a good game for a specific console I’ll be coming to your channel to see what you have picked out, keep on making awesome reviews man!

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