Before Apple: Steve Jobs at Atari | Gaming Historian

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Gaming Historian provides a history of Steve Jobs time at Atari. Before Steve Jobs changed the world of technology at Apple, he was just a college dropout looking for a job. He ended up at a new startup video game company, Atari, where he worked on one of their most popular titles.

Some arcade footage provided by Old Classic Retro Gaming:

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  1. You know, it all comes around when this same self-entitled worldview led him to not taking cancer treatments that could have easily saved his life during the early stages…

  2. Im so sick of this guy being called a "visionary"

    He produced ONE good product in his lifetime, the ipod. And that itself actually killed the entire music industry (look at it today, its shit) And even that has been completely replaced by phones.

    This guy did more harm than good. He was skanky, shady, stole from Woz, used other peoples work and ideas to get rich and famous, was a SHIT parent, was a shit friend, was a shit student, was a shit CEO, was a shit employee.

    Please, someone tell me why this guy is so fucking great.

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