Bad Apple!! In eleven different rhythm games!!

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This took an hour to render, three hours to do.
Might as well be my 100 video special, even if I have more than 100 videos.

Top left that looks like a washing machine: maimai
bottom left: Sound Voltex
The one with the drum on the top: Taiko no Tatsujin
on top with the path, black and white background: Groove Coaster 2
top right: Chunithm
middle right: BeatStream
bottom right: osu
bottom next to osu, five notes: Pump It Up
you should know this one: Dance Dance Revolution
in the middle with the playstation notes (X, Square, Triangle, O): PPD/Project Dxxx
Middle with the guy hitting the squares: Jubeat

Yes, I know osu and PPD aren’t official arcade rhythm games but I put them in anyway.

I probably should have recorded my own footage for Pump instead of stealing it, now that I think about it..

10/19/16: thank you so much for 500 views!
5/22/17: Hi Music Game Hell


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  1. If you're gonna do something like this I wouldn't recommend including charts from simulator games like osu or the project diva one since they aren't official. In this case it is only technically 9 games it's been in officially.

  2. like it how people get annoyed that games like osu and project diva are on here because they are not official who cares they are still rhythm games that people can enjoy
    (please don't be angry it's my opinion plz

  3. I see
    1. Maimai
    2. Groove Coaster
    3. Chunithm
    4. Project diva
    5. SDVX
    6. Stepmania
    7. Taiko
    8. Jubeat
    9. Osu
    10. ugh…. I forget the last one in middle right…. (I saw one near Nostalgia in round 1 Umeda Osaka, Japan)

  4. Is it just me, or does the osu! one look the easiest? I mean, it could look hard to someone who hasnt played osu, but it looks like a relatively simple map.(or is it just because osu is the only one of these games I play…)

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