Aztec – Apple II (Datamost 1982)

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Raid the tombs of video game history, at The Dot Eaters:

Graphically dazzling action adventure game for the AppleII, when most adventure games were limited to text.


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  1. wow, you even ran it on an actual apple rather than emulator . i can tell from the very familar sounds of the disk drive (yup, disk drive…not hard drive folks).

  2. used to have an apple2e and had many games including this but this was probably my favorite. jump-jet was pretty close though. i do play this game though at virtual apple dot org. they have a bunch of games there though no jump-jet (bummer)

  3. There was a bug / exploit on the C64 version – if you dropped tnt from the starting point – then fell down the hole, you'd end up at the basket with the idol, and could finish in record time because you only had to get out. Was that bug present on the Apple II or Atari versions?

  4. Thanks for showing the infamous "Giant Octopus" in Aztec. I never got that far in the game as a kid and always wondered what it really looked like… 😉

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. This game popped in my head the other day and I haven't played it in over 25 years. I seem to recall you had to shoot the octo monsters head then stab all the tentacles? I think there were men who threw spears and would capture you too. Once you found the idol, you then had to get back out! Buggy, creepy and fun! 🙂

  6. Wow… The disk this game was on corrupted when I was still a child, so I haven't seen or thought about it for decades… Used to scare the crap out of me. Thanks for the nostalgia!

  7. When I played this in the early 80s it would always remind me either Raiders of the Lost arc (Indiana Jones), or the singer of Duran Duran in the Hungry like a wolf video….lol

  8. ooooooh man i played this game on my apple IIc back then . i was 12 years old in 82 . i played it …and played …… and played ….. i think speedruns come from that time , when there were very few games and you would just play them over and over . thx for that video . really good memories . just the sound reminds me of my youth …… played ultima 7 although … conan hall of volta …. rescue raiders …….. …. … :_) shit time goes bye

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