Augmented Reality Gaming On The New iPhone Platform

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With iOS 11, Apple brings AR gaming to its platform with ARKit. We got our hands on The Machines and Zombie Gunship Revenant early to see what mobile AR is about.

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  1. Park AR is heaps better than any moba and has been on phones for years. For the best display of VR+AR on a phone I would recommend Wizard Academy (also been out for years).

  2. Maybe it's obvious to say, but with 1000$ you fan buy an oculus with controllers and part of a new grafic card…
    But still I'm happy that apple has taken this step, they were always a good start for new ideas and technologies

  3. Sorry guys I work in the real world of Engineering, not gaming. We have been using AR for more than 3 years on the iPad, we can visualize our piping and tanks and hydro cracking towers in real life without cumbersome VR glasses. The world of Engineers And Doctors is different to the world of fantasy games. We make things happen in the real world.

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