Assassin’s Creed Origins | Game of Power TRAILER ANALYSIS – Apple of Eden, Naval Combat & MORE!

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  1. TBH im disappointed that they went with british accents for Ptolemy, Cleopatra, and Ceasar. I mean it looks like everyone else has proper accents except them. With The Romans and Ceasar I was expecting Italian and Spanish accents (Ezio days, maybe a bit more better accents) as ROME was the epicenter of the (emphasis on) ROMAN empire and the languages closest to Latin are those two languages. And with Cleo and Ptolemy, Greek acccents as their family was Macedonian. I mean the Ptolemaic soldiers and the informant Hotephres from the previous demo seem to have proper accents, why didn't they go all the way? It just irks me especially since they bombed the chance of french accents before with Unity a game set in FRANCE and its just ironic since Ubisoft is CANADIAN FRENCH. they've done french accents before, dont know what happened there. not to mention they made Italian accents (which are typically made fun of due to Mario, in games) cool with the Ezio trilogy. C'mon Ashraf and Ubi fix it plz and stay consistent!

  2. Cleopatra married the Roman mark Anthony not Cesar but they did love each other and she was know for having various affairs. That's what I read but PLEASE tell me if I'm wrong. I am quoting real history but the game might differ.
    Also I stopped watching at 4:54 because she wasn't assassinated but she killed herself. sorry for a long comment.

  3. the roman soldiers gladius' dip in too far to be period accurate their helmets also have some sort of fin with was not a thing on Gallic helmets and finally they lack a scutum and instead appear to be using some form of buckler shield which would also be a big no-no.

  4. Also, the shot at 4:17 of the statue appears to depict when Ptolemy had Pompey slaughtered and beheaded and Ptolemy, 14 at the time presented Caeser with the head of his rival, which infuriated Caeser

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