Arrival at Hogwarts (Upcoming Vanilla Minecraft Map)

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This map isn’t available for download yet! We’re still working on it.
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An increasing number of people have been asking for a way to support the project financially, which has prompted us to set up a Patreon, so those who wish can donate. We’re still a bit new to this and are trying to figure out the best approach. We are a very small team, and we will remain primarily focused on finishing the map, but we will try to make sure that anyone who donates gets something of value in return! We will have a Patreon channel in our Discord, where we will post more behind the scenes images and explain what we’re doing, as well as posting the occasional progress updates a few days early.
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A lot of people have commented about the World of Warcraft sounds, those are temporary and will be replaced 馃槈

Music by Kevin MacLeod (



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  1. It all looks very cool !!)

    BUT!! Why am I not Harry Potter ??

    Floo Network make a version on behalf of Harry Potter, yes I know it will be done for years but it's worth it !!

    And so every part of the film is on behalf of Harry Potter, and yes.

    Something I didn鈥檛 like, here Dumboldor is not like Richard Harris in the first parts of the films, and in the first parts of the film Dumboldor looked differently. 1

    In 2 he was in different clothes, correct these 2 defects.

  2. i couldn鈥檛 find another word to describe this but truly magical! whoever made this is a very talented person, and i hope that the game could be released eventually! props!

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