Apple’s Forgotten Video Game Console! – The Story Of The Apple Pippin

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In 1996 Apple created a gaming and multimedia platform called Pippin. Almost immediately, everyone forgot about it. This is the story of how Apple, a toy manufacturer, and a company best known in the US for making cars, all came together to create one the biggest failures in the history of console gaming. This is the story of the Apple & Bandai’s Pippin Game Console.

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*** Correction: Please note that the particular Quadra, Centris, and Performa models shown were not on sale at the same time. However, the Quadra 605 was released alongside the Quadra 610, which was a renamed Centris 610. Meanwhile a slight redesign of the case was reused for the Power Macintosh 6100 and Performa 61xx series. (thank you to redditor tgunter for catching this and for the write up of the explanation.) ***

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  1. Uh, Apple kinda went to E3 in the early days of the 1st gen iphone, they were trying to convince everyone that the iphone was a game console, and I think they believe that is how they are in gaming. Apple does not do well with software though, they gave up back around when Steve Jobs was going to die and conceded to Avid by ditching their industry standard Final Cut Studio with Final Cut Pro X, entire editing houses had to switch back to Avid just to do their jobs… and Game Console dev requires strong software dev which apple decided a long time ago to skimp on. They just rely on fast processing and the integrity of the unix operating system and its superiority to the Dos based OS Windows runs under.

  2. Hello, good video, but their is a grammatical error in your video. At 7:58 you say "a Netherlands company". The equivalent would be "an England company", "A Germany company" or "A Canada Company". Needless to say those are English, German and Canadian companies. Things and people from the Netherlands are known as beign DUTCH.

  3. Could you do one about how Sega managed to beat Nintendo… in Brazil? A company in Brazil called TecToy made (and still makes) licensed versions of Sega's consoles. The most successful was the Master System, which in Brazil outsold the Nintendo NES, and it still is a household name. There were even games released in Portuguese, and a version of Wonder Boy III remade to have a popular Brazilian kid's comic character called Monica from "Monica's Gang" be the character of that game. TecToy even managed to make versions of 16 bit games for the Master System, as Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 3 were made for the Master System by TecToy (under license of their respective publishers).

  4. Great channel, and great videos, but please enunciate more clearly. There are so many words that are unintelligible because they’re basically swallowed mid-sentence.

  5. Rare for Apple to make mistakes with launches lol…you can make a whole video in itself about failed apple launches, products, programs etc…..Apple is one of the biggest greedy rip off companies ever

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