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Hello der my friends and welcomes back to that another Do Not Laugh. Withs me today is Ross the Sloth, Max and Reds oh and Apple make the appearance as well. Do Not Laugh is a joke game where were all try to race to 3 points. First person to 3 points wins and your get the point by makings the guy in the middles laughing. Any way guys I hope that you likeded this Do Not Laugh and as the always Dirts, Have the Great Day 🙂

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Hey guys, welcome back to another Minecraft video! Today ThatGuyBarney is playing Minecraft Do Not Laugh with House_Owner, RedVacktor, and Mithzan! We start with Max in the middle and Red insulting Barney’s capability to make him laugh. Barney insists he can do it, so he tells Max that he just got back from the doctor, who pulled a Krabby Patty out of his ass during a prostate exam. Ross raises the level of horrible by stating that Barney seems to have Asperger’s. Ross sets up his joke for Barney by selling him a dirt wall – but Barney is appalled to find that the back side of the wall is dirt mutilated into disgusting materials, like emerald and brick and cobblestone. Red turns into a waffle with a lobster tail, hands Ross a waffle, then backs off of the map while repeating “Ross.” Max traps Red in a room full of blood, skeletons, candles, and corgis and chants “one of us” until Red wants to kill himself. Red mourns not being allowed to make a joke for Max by turning into a giant snake, but Barney takes care of that by asking if he’s supposed to be Meanwhile, Ross arrests Max for looking weird. Barney invites Ross to hang out, but when they get to his house they find Apple in the living room, holding a gun to SkyDoesMinecraft’s head. Barney takes them into his bedroom to give Apple some privacy, and we see that Barney’s bedroom consists of a single chair and multitudinous piles of dirt. Max puts a book in a chest for Barney – it says “behind the scoreboard,” so Barney checks it out and finds another chest containing another book, which says “up in the clouds.” Another book up there says “behind Barney’s joke,” where Barney finds the final instruction, “break the block in the middle.” The book in the chest under the block in the middle says “fuck you Barney.” Apple then shows up through a time-traveling portal – he’s gotten an upgrade, and he tells Max to stay behind while he takes Barney and Ross with him to the future. They all return as Apple, and Max kills himself. Max’s puppy is stuck in the middle of a pool of lava – this is a job for Jesus (pronunciation: he-soos), the Mexican superhero who can walk on lava. This gives Ross the win, and Red ruins the entire video by announcing that Ross “Juan.” That’s it for Do Not Laugh. Thanks for watching. Bye.


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