Apple Removes Popular Weed Growing Game From App Store

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Apple removes game about growing marijuana from App Store. Weed Firm was removed from the App Store while apps that actually tell you where to buy marijuana remain:
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  1. Growing and harvesting marijuana is something that takes time, patients and knowledge. Playing a game like weed firm isn't going to make me a pro and grow some grade A Ganja just like playing COD or BF4 isn't going to make me an amazing marksman. Those dickheads over at Apple are dense.

  2. I think it's completely good! When porn hub is there and GTA San Andereas too why shouldn't I be able to play farmville when extraterrestrians are invading the moon? I just saw a shooting star! What was the question again?

  3. You spoke a lot of truth in this video. I was surprised and impressed. It was a refreshing change from the usual, though I enjoy that too! Ridiculous that anti-depressants, which are constantly linked to massacres, are legal, while marijuana is not. Also the point made that killing people is more than a bit worse than growing weed, is very true. Great stuff!

  4. And it's weird that in the App Store guidelines it says you can't have pornographic material in Your app but yet there's pornhub in the App Store lol

  5. yes all though it is just a "game", he fails to mention it is a "learning simulator" for growing marijuana. however just having that knowledge and skill is legal, just, like he said.. taboo. 🙁

  6. Apple like most major companies is run by marketing farts who are completeley disconnected from the "real world".  This is just another random action that supports my theory.

  7. The whole weed debate doesn't even matter in this case. It doesn't matter whether you think it should be barred from purchase or you want to have a weed farm the size of Connecticut. The thing is that the app and its contents are harmless. It's basically just a casual business management game centered around weed. It's not like it's directly telling you to go out and buy a dime bag. The game doesn't advocate any drug use, just like GTA doesn't advocate killing cops, and just like MW2's No Russian doesn't advocate mass airport shootings.

    All in all, it's another case of a big company with an agenda to push.

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