Apple Rejects Emotional War Game Due To Its Political Themes

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Update: Apple has reconsidered their decision and it is now available in the Games category!
The indie mobile game, Liyla And The Shadows Of War, has been rejected by Apple from its App Store due to not being a game, even though it *is* a game.
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  1. It's a well-known fact how fucked up Apple is with banning video games to the point that it makes NES era Nintendo look progressive in comparison.

  2. What I find weird is that indie developers keep making games for iOS only despite the fact that lots of them get banned for the stupiest reasons.

  3. Apple might be bad in cases like this, but their hardware is still more powerful. Hearthstone runs smooth on my 6+ but it lags on my Nexus 7, so I play on the former and buy packs on the latter with Amazon coins.

  4. Shows just how diverse and subjective points of view are. And despite that we still have major groups attempting to enforce what THEY believe to be "proper standards."

    Proper standards for who? We can't even agree on what is considered legal, depending on the country you reside in. (aside from the laws that preserve human lives; no murder, harm, or theft)

    Frustrating world we live in – everyone thinks they alone are right, and disregard the rest.

  5. on one hand fuck apple for rejecting this considering they accept AAA political statements but on the other hand they fought the fbi's bullshit reasons to get a backdoor to all iphones.

  6. if anyone wonders what the story its based on, oh nothing much its just based on a daily life events that occurs to the gaza palestinians families, that are currently being occupied by Israel, you can clearly see the word " غزة" which means gaza in 0:30

  7. apple rejected this game because of the national proplems not because of the violent or any thing else the developer of this game meant to make all of you who have a house and a family feel what they do feel … if you say that because they made this game for money then why you made this video and why you opened this channel either why do you care you dont feel a bit of what they feel

  8. This game is one huge lie and the design and visuals of the game are awful.
    Go and actually read a bit about the conflict before you go rooting for it.

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