Apple Panic for the Apple II

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Apple Panic is a platform game based on the arcade game Space Panic (1980, Universal) and ported to the Apple II by Ben Serki. You control a digger, armed with his shovel, and you must kill your opponents – the evil legged apples.

Your character can only walk left/right and climb up/down the ladders – no jumping – and if the apples touch you, you’ll lose.

To kill an apple you must dig a hole on the ground and wait for one of them to get stuck on it. Then you must hit it with your shovel to make it fall to the level bellow. The apples die if the fall is big enough. Depending on their color, they may require from 1 to 3-level falls, so you may have to dig several aligned holes. Besides, the higher the fall, the higher you score.

Each level is timed so you must take out all the apples quickly, or you’ll lose. If you’re successful, the next levels will feature more and more enemies than the previous one.

Okay Load Runner type-of-game…


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  1. I actually saw the arcade version before the Apple version, and remember thinking it was pretty cheesy of Apple to usurp the title of the game. ;p

  2. Why didn't you show how you can dig holes in one underneath each other on each level so when the apple falls, it falls all the way down to the bottom layer, and you get more points for that? That was something my sister and I used to do — try to line up the holes on each level so that when the apple fell into the hole on an upper level you had to race up to bury it in time so it would fall through all holes. If it only falls through one hole, you only get 100 points. More holes, more points!

  3. It's been a loooong time since I played that game (obviously, since it was from the 1970's and I was just a child), but yeah — I remember it being kind of difficult. You had to dig one hole, then go to the layer below (or above it) and dig another hole, but it had to be lined up perfectly, or it wouldn't work. But if you got it just right, then you could make the apple fall through the holes all the way to the bottom, IF you got it to fall into the top hole. It was definitely a challenge! 🙂

  4. Yep, totally. And you can drop one apple onto another apple and send them both through multiple holes for hilarious points.

    I played this for hours and hours. Looking at it now it's hard to imagine why..

  5. It seemed like you were trying to capture one apple at a time with just one hole.  It's best to dig as many holes as possible, wait for an apple to fall in and then go and bury it.  Your strategy took way too much time.

  6. this proves that evolution theory is correct. can you believe that people were impressed by these games (including myself) and similar ones like pong. Today's kids would laugh at what we thought were advanced computer games and graphics in those days

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