Apple iPhone 3GS Battery Life Playing Games, part 1

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You remember my iPod touch torture test. How does Apple’s newest phone compare in battery life during constant gaming?

This time, I started with the worst case scenario, and it lasted 2 hours 36 minutes. This video is a time-lapse, showing a minute of gameplay every second.

Games featured, in order of appearance:

DOOM Resurrection (I love this game)
1:27 i Love Katamari Lite (eternally frustrating as always)
1:32 2XL Supercross Lite
1:37 Star Defense
2:06 Glyder Free (reached 20% warning in this one)
2:20 Hero of Sparta (an old favorite… got the 10% warning shortly after starting this one)

When the phone was out of view early in the video, it’s because I was taking a call. Also, sorry about the long auto-pilot in Star Defense. Somebody came to the door, and then I took the opportunity to cook lunch. Battery was lasting longer than I had expected 😛


Wi-Fi on and connected
3G on
Sound at 50% volume
Full brightness (no auto-bright)
Location services on (and MobileMe “Find My iPhone” activated)
Bluetooth on (but nothing connected to it)
Fetch Mail Every 15 minutes
Push Mail On
Push Notifications On
Alert Sounds and Vibrations On

In the next videos, I’ll see what features you’re gonna have to turn off in order to get decent gaming battery life out of this sucker.


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  1. Hahahahaha…. Love the way you chose the fast paced catchy music to go with the time lapse, yet, it was so catchy do u think thats suitable whilst showing a game involving BLOODY MURDERS!!!! Just kiddin….cool ;D

  2. I like instrumentals for this kind of video, and specifically the ones that have a good, fast beat, basically because the action you're watching is sped up by 60x, so it might as well be snappy & tappy to keep up; otherwise, half of the video would be boring (the half you hear rather than see).

  3. Over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND! This was actually most of my first experience with Doom, so I was learning (the hard way) how & when to dodge, cover, reload, pick up health & ammo, etc…

  4. Says so right in the video description 🙂 2 hours 36 minutes. Every seond of the video corresponds to a minute of playing games. Not sure why YouTube added an extra second.

  5. @Jamirofan89 It's hard to do with the iPhone. If you keep everything at minimum (i.e. airplane mode and minimum brightness and no sound), you might get close. The iPad gets there easily, even with the same insane settings as I used here. Check out my newest video.

  6. I know this is a bit late. But I had the 3GS if anyone is still buying it. It will last 7-10 hours with moderate use and with low use all day and if you turn it off another day!

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