[Apple II] Ultima (1981) (California Pacific Computer Company)

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The original version of Ultima for the Apple II PC. Programmed by Richard Garriott and distributed by California Pacific Computer company.



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  1. It's impressive how much better Gariott became as a programmer between Akalabeth and this… This was the first one I actually played, on my friends Apple ][+. Great fun! Thanx..

  2. Man I remember this game! I used to love it, but I remember how annoying the dungeon traps were! I remember stealing stuff all the time from the castles and being chased. LOL

  3. w..What!? i did not possibly think about this!
    i mean, i know that some ultima games made it to japan but i still never knew there could be possibly any connection between ultima and gradius… X(
    gradius is one of my fave game series. but then i'm more into the more recent games of the series…

  4. Nope, the version on GOG is the 1986 remake/recoded version released by Origin Systems, the one he was talking out/the one in the video is the original 1981 apple 2 only version released by California pacific computer company and used Applesoft basic and used certain routines and code from Akalabeth

  5. Having played the Runes of Virtue games, I have to disagree with them being crappy. They're pretty good Action RPG games (as long as you're not looking for complex RPG mechanics). By the way, they were made by FCI (mainly David Shapiro and Gary Scott Smith).

    For Game Boy games, I'd rate them as underrated gems. Even Garriot himself liked them (he said in an interview that making a completely new game was a better idea than making a bad port).

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