Apple II Game – Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress (1982 Sierra On-Line Inc.)

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A computer RPG game sequel to the original Ultima game. There are several improvements over the first one such as separate towns and world maps, and time travel to different eras and parts of earth. The gameplay is the same as first Ultima game with just a single character by roaming the land and fighting the monsters and looking for special items. In the original Ultima game, you had to destroy the evil wizard named Mondain who wanted to take over the entire universe. Once defeated, peace was restored to the people of Sosaria and you have been hailed as a hero and champion of all time.

Unluckily, Mondain has a lover named Minax who was upset over his death. She uses her powers to travel through time and space to earth to create a nuclear war to erase her frustration by eliminating the hero’s history of saving the earth. This makes the hero (the player you are controlling) really bad. But with the help of Lord British, you must travel through time find and destroy Minax to prevent her reign of terror which will create chaos and led the earth’s doom as a result of not only end of the world but the universe as well. Unlike the previous Ultima games where any player and race can buy spells and magic, this time in Ultima II, only the cleric and the wizard can buy and cast magic spells. I played as a male human fighter so I was not able to buy or cast spells. The spells and magic are only used in dungeons and towers when fighter the enemies. I did managed to show all the enemies without any problems and did not use any spells or magic. The graphics in the dungeons and towers are rendered in vector (wireframes) while the enemies you fight in the dungeons/towers are rendered in sprites, a graphical improvement over the first Ultima games.
Note: The Apple II version of Ultima II has a bug preventing the player from leveling up especially the strength which is needed to beat the game. The current roms for Apple II version of Ultima II that you download from rom sites is buggy. If you are going to download from the rom sites and play in applewin emulator. You will need something like a Hex Editor to fix the bug. Here are the instructions to fix it:!topic/comp.sys.apple2/wcK-K93Obuk

Or if you want to download the bug fixed version of the Apple II rom for Ultima II, here’s the link:

After downloading bugfixed version, all you need to download from a rom site with the rom file name:

Ultima II – Revenge of The Enchantress (1983)(On-Line)(Disk 3 of 4)(Player)

Since you need the player disk to play the game.

Also, when you travel back to earth, it asks you to insert player disk, you insert the master disk instead since while you play the game, the player disk must be in your drive at all times regardless what it asks you.

Walkthrough Guides:

More info:


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  1. I couldn't get far at all until I came across a walkthrough that advised me to go steal food from the McDonall's in Port Bonifice. You could stand by the "drivethrough" window and steal away, and because of the naive mob pathing, no guards would get to you for a while. You could move off a few blocks and get out of town. The guards held no grudges. 

  2. i spent HOURS and HOURS playing this game and Ultima IV when I was a kid.. At the time this was notably the most difficult Ultima to beat… my guess is because of the hidden location of planet x. I also beat this game without setting foot in a dungeon or tower… any idea as to what relevance they hold to the game?? Whats down (or up) there?

  3. I wonder why in the dungeon in this game… you can actually see the monster that you are fighting and you can see them in Ultima 4 on up…but on Ultima 3 you can never actually see the monster itself in the dungeon before you combat him. I found it kind of strange that you could in this game…considering it came out before Exodus.

  4. Only the start of the game is hard: Keep dying until can kill a thief who drops the blue tasle (Z to check inventory). SAVE GAME. Survive then until you can BOARD a boat (Pass command is better to keep food), reload your Save game if you are unlucky finding a boat  before dying. With a boat you are now you are in godmode ("boatmode") with infinite gold (F command from the boat to kill coast monsters) and 0 need to food as long as you are on the boat. You just have to get a boat for every time period to make it easier and you can use the chain boat strategy to have infinite boats (you can even create bridge of boats between continents :).

  5. This is one of my all time favorite games, I actually solved it. I was never able to solve Ultima iv guest of the avatar. Man this game made my childhood so much fun.

  6. I played this for hours and hours, but never figured out that you had to offer the old man money to get the ring, nor offer the swashbuckler money to get the quick sword. The in-game hints were ok I guess, but not regarding these two things!

  7. Playing the patched DOS version atm, totally hooked on this series already and I'm glad that I still have quite a few games ahead (not gonna play Pagan or Ascension, though…) Gotta love the sound effects on this original version. My respect towards some early JRPGs, like Dragon Quest, has gone down a bit after realizing what this series had done years earlier.

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