Apple II Game: Mystery House (1980 On-Line Systems)

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As featured in Game Informer’s magazine section of Early Innovators, decided to do this game.
The first text-based computer game with graphics which is also the first Graphical Adventure game which inspired games like King’s Quest and Myst.
A group of people have been invited to an old house. As notes and bodies start to appear in the rooms it soon becomes clear that there is a murderer in the group. The aim in the game is to find the murderer and escape with a treasure from the house.

Note: We don’t do text-based games. We did this game because it’s part of video game history.


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  1. Various questions and comments (spoilers):
    1. Joe, the Gravedigger, can be found in the cemetery behind the gate. He's also alive along with Daisy. What is his purpose? If you enter the grave, he will kill you burying you. You can kill Joe using the dagger.
    2. If you attempt to kill Daisy using the dagger instead of the gun, Daisy will kill you.
    3. That note about 7-6=1 is incorrect because including the player, there's 8 people.
    4. Not putting the fire out or lighting the stove is fatal.

  2. Uh, regarding point # 3 – Actually, that's NOT incorrect because although yes, there are 8 people in the game including the player, you forget that one of them is the killer, and she (ahem) "they" – are expecting to be the sole survivor, so the killer is not counting himself/herself – get it?

  3. So to clarify……Joe the Gravedigger is an accomplice. So if Daisy is not counting herself, then the 1 refers to Joe.

    That said, I wonder who wrote the note. Joe or Daisy.

    And also, how can one be sure that Joe isn't the killer instead of the Daisy? Of course, the hints held by the victims indicate Daisy, but maybe Joe killed everyone and framed Daisy with those hints.

    One final point – you can kill Joe with the dagger, but you can't kill Daisy with the dagger as she kills you first.

  4. Hmm – well, looking at it again, I suppose Daisy is NOT counting the player – I don't think Joe is an accomplice; he's just there as a red herring – this is the only point where the characters' hair color comes into play in the game – only Joe & Daisy are blondes – everyone else is brunette, except for Sally, who's a redhead. At one point in the game, if you request descriptions of the bodies as you find them, one instance tells you that there is a blonde hair on one of the bodies, (cont'd)

  5. Regarding the characters' hair colors and what you said about Joe and Daisy being the only blonds, I think you got it wrong. At 0:57, it says that Tom, Bill, and Daisy are blonde, while Joe is Brunette.

  6. Wow! We played this as kids at school, at San Anselmo Elementry, in California. I had totally forgotten all about it. It's amazing how seeing the first view of the house, brings it all back. Thank you so much for posting this 🙂

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