Apple II Game: Castle Wolfenstein (1981 Muse Software) [Longplay]

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As featured in Game Informer Magazine section of Early Innovators I decided to do this game.

You as a prisoner trapped and imprisoned in a Nazi Castle, must find a way out to escape alive. You defend yourself against Nazi Guards and Soldiers scattered around the castle. You shoot and kill them and search them for important items such as bullest, bulletfproof vest, keys, and grenades. Keys are used to unlock doors and chest. Unlocking chest holds important items needed to win the game such as uniforms, medals, food and beverage, bullets, keys, and grenades, etc. If you can make it out of the caslte alive, then you have won the game.

The world’s first stealth-based game. Way before games like Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid came out.

Never played this one before since I’ve only played Wolfenstein 3D on IBM computers. This is the first and original wolfenstein game.

In case you want to know, here are the shortcut keys for this game:
U-Searching Gaurds (Whether they are (Dead or Alive)
K-Unlocks and Opens Doors and Chest
S- Down
Not sure what buttons are used for shooting, and putting your weapon down as I used a PC Gamepad to play this game. If you know the key command for shooting and putting weapon down, please comment and I’ll update the video description.

Note: Shit. I forgot to disable the Mouse Cursor in the video while I was recording this. What is done is done. I don’t feel like playing this game again.


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  1. When we were kids playing this game, we would always mis-hear some of the dialog. Especially with the SS guys. We would swear they were saying "Burger Sauce" when they popped into a room or were chasing us!

  2. I used to play this on a apple 2+, back in the 80's. This guy playing it isn't opening the chests early in the game… you can get good stuff in the chests. Yes, I did eventually escape from Castle Wolfenstein. BTW, there is a room in this game with Hitler inside, and all his staff keep saying "Heil" to him – and he is saying "Heil" back to them…it's all they say. You get "extra cred" in this game if you leave the suitcase bomb in that room before you escape the castle.

  3. German phrases with the English equivalents (not the literal translations)
    Achtung! – Alert!
    Halt! – Stop!
    Was ist los? – What’s going on?
    SS! – Schutzstaffel
    Folgen! – comply!
    Kamerad! – Comrade (surrender)
    auf wiedersehen! – so long!
    Schweinhund! – Bastard!
    Kaput – Dead/toast!

  4. I just finished playing it on an emulator and made it to Field Marshal. Anybody know if there is any point to playing any more? Is there a different ending if I beat it again? Or is that it?

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