Apple II Game: Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984 Muse Software) [Longplay]

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A Stealth-based Action/Adventure game with a direct sequel to the original 1981 Wolfenstein game. This storyline pickups up where the first Wolfenstein game left off taking place during World War II. After you escape from the Nazi Castle, your next mission is now to infitrate the Nazi’s by using yourself as a bait and decoy by impersonating Nazi Soldiers and Gaurds. You must use a pass system or offer to bribe to the guards to get through. Showing the correct pass varies each start of the levels. Failure to provide correct pass system or guard fails to accept your bribe due to lack of money will result in killing the player or acitivate the wide-bunker alarm system. The bodies of the guard can be dragged through the room to conceal them or to get access to objects. The highly explosive grenades are now replaced with daggers so you can kill the Nazi gaurds silently. You must locate the bomb in the bunker closets. Unlocking the bunker closets require a 3 digit combination. Just press the numbered keys. When your hear a click then it’s correct number. Keep doing until you have the correct 3-digit and will unlock. Once you get the bomb, you’ll put it in the briefcase and carry all the way up where Hitler is having his meeting. Just place it outside of the door where he’s having his meeting and reset the timer on the bomb so you’ll get enough time to escape the castle. Once you successfully escape the castle, you have won the game.

I accidentally delete the part you reset the timer on bomb. Press B on your keyboard to put the bomb down and press R on the keyboard to reset the timer.

keyboard controls and joystick can be found in this info here:


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  1. You know your an old player, and after the first kill you are simply befuddled… and after the second kill you scream "Search the body, you bloody fool and get the keys and ammo!!!"

  2. This is such a charming game.  I like showing the pass, and then shooting them in the back, and they make that insanely hilariously annoying dying noise.  OOOOEEEERRR :p

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