Apple II Game: Akalabeth – World of Doom (1980 California Pacific Computer Co.)

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A Rock/paper/scissors/ pen and paper Role-Playing Game where you as a player receives quests from Lord British to kill a succession of monsters. Most the of the gameplay takes place in the dungeon. There’s also an above ground world map with text to fill the rest of the adventture. This game uses a first person view using wireframe (vector-based) graphics.

Also known as Ultima 0.

One of the earliest RPG games ever released.

This game is a prequel to the first Ultima game released in 1981. It laid the groundwork for the rest of the Ultima games. Although it’s regarded as the first game in the Ultima series.

Note: This game is so damn long. The levels requiring you to kill Carrion Crawler, Gremlin, Mimic, and Daemon have been offscreeen since didn’t want to make the video too long. So I decided to recored only the last level requiring to kill Balrog monster where you earn your status of a knight.

Info: Reuploaded (Forget to edit out some parts as a result video is slightly shorter).


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  1. It's pretty impressive considering Richard was still a teen when he made it, but I will agree that it sure hasn't aged well though

  2. very impresive indeed for its time. Creativity made a game good, instead of only grafics todays.
    I've tried once to make something simular on the c64 as a teen. It was a dungeon crawler, I was inspired then by dungeon monster. Good old days.

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