1. Lesser-known totally awesome games featuring mythology are… Totally awesome! Looks like a neat little title, and hooray for obscure games. great vid

  2. Another great watch Brian. As usual, you seem to be beating my ability at IIGS games! Feel free to take screen grabs anytime and sen em on for the book 🙂

  3. For any fans of Westwood's (we changed our name from Westwood Assoc. to Westwood Studios when the Virgin buyout happened) Most of that really good art was done by the late, great, Rick Parks with additional art by Aaron Powel and none by me. One of the few Westwood games I did not work on in my 14 years there. This game was originally cancelled and then resurrected a number of years later by a budget publisher. Somebody just added it to Moby Games and was asking me questions about it so I've been Googling it to refresh my memory.

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