Alternative Power Fix for Apple Cinema Display (23″)

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Power Supply v2.0 –

What happened when I decided not to spend $100 on an Apple Power Supply?

This particular video is on my 23″ monitors, but the same generation 20″ and 30″ monitors use the same principle, just different specs for their PSUs.

There will be a 2nd video to this showing an even better, safer, and cheaper alternative to the PSU coming soon!

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  1. I have an 30 inch monitor just like this but I need to do the same thing. Can you tell me what size power adapter I need? I know I need the 150 Watt but what is the voltage I need?

  2. thank's ! just a word to say that the ADJ on the power supply mean "adjust". Check with a voltmeter. Mine was 25.8 volt out of the box. I don't know if it's dangerous or not. Turning the screw, I put it on 24.6 for a 30" . 24.6 is what I found out of the original apple power brick. I choose a 360w instead of the 150 and for the moment everything's fine. A basic wattmetter said 210w for the screen consumption withe the new power (didn't measure withe the old one)

  3. EDIT to add: this fix worked for me! I'm editing this post on my 30" display running on a 250W PSU. Mad props to +OneUp Gaming for maintaining this video. You either saved me the $100 price difference for buying a replacement Apple PSU (yuck) or ~$800 replacing the monitor with something newer.

    Original post follows:

    After a couple hours of googling, this video has turned out to be about as useful as anything else I can find, so I gave it a thumbs up.

    HOWEVER! One could skip to 2:45 without missing out on anything helpful. The entire six minutes could have been condensed down to less than one minute.

    The useful parts:
    * US (110/120) vs EU (220/240) voltage warning (though I found auto-switching PSUs for under $50)
    * How to wire up the IEC 60320 cable to the PSU, though technically any three-conductor power chord would work since you're cutting off the IEC connector.
    * How to wire up the Apple power connector to the PSU

    * Actual specs (easily googled, but still): Output of 150W Apple power brick (which I hold in my hand) is 24.5V, 6.1A. I also ran across the info for all three wattages on manuals dot info dot apple dot com. The specs are useful for finding the replacement PSU. Some LED PSUs I ran across were 12V.
    * Presumably any 150W, 24V, 6.3A PSU will suffice. I couldn't find one advertising exactly 24.5V/6.1A.
    * My monitor (30") has a third wire for detecting whether the power source is rated high enough. I have not yet worked out the details of whether that matters and how to deal with it if it does. A thread on finetunemac dot com referenced a thread on discussions dot apple dot com which seemed to indicate that one can ignore that wire so long as the replacement PSU is 150W.

  4. You totally saved me $100! I'm not a hardware dabbler but followed your instructions exactly and it worked like a charm. Even the switch was set to 220 by default, nice catch! Thanks again.

  5. Hey guys looking for some help. I purchased this for my 30" which I didn't have a power block for

    AC 110V/220V to DC 12V Voltage Transformer 12.5A 150W Power Supply For Led Strip

    And followed your instructions completely and connected it to a mac mini.

    But when I go to turn it on i get the short-short-long white light.

    Any ideas anyone?

    Thank you in advance

  6. You did not research the cost of power supplies before you bought the monitors .. then you did not know for sure what the generic power supply was producing and cooked a monitor .
    initially I rolled my eyes at your lack of forethought .. then I realized . You have been taught any better .
    You don't look at your ineptness as a failure . Or if you do you don't put any shame upon failing . If you did you would have done better .
    You're to be pitied .

  7. Would this method work the same for a 24inch apple cinema display? Its a newer generation, that's why I'm a bit skeptical about whether to try this out.

  8. I cant get mine working with my PC i have a geforce GTX 1060 and no picture shows up when i turn everything on. The led light indicator on the display flashes three times indicated some sort of error, and when i plug the usb into the computer my pc says it is not recognized… any solutions?

  9. Thank you Jared! Your video helped me a lot. I was able to solved my problem with my 30" Cinema Display. Like you, I didn't want to spend $150~$250 in a power brick, so I bought the $17 power supply instead. I made also a video about my experience. Thanks again.

  10. Hello Jared (It sounded Jared to me, apologies if this is not your name.),
    Here is my testimonial video, your video was an eye opener, and saved me money and time.


  11. Hey Jared, Thanks for the video, I have one here in the UK, hoping to fix a flickering problem. I have hooked everything up but can't seem to find the voltage switch, is there a possibility It is an autoswitch? Would appreciate any help, thanks

  12. Ok. I see. Is verry helpful your video. I was thinking that the rest of wires must be used. Now i heave a question: You tell us something about the switch for 110/220. How can you fry the monitor if you forget to switch to 110v? For example my power network heave only 220v. That means it wont work and is fryes? I will buy an power supply and i will try. Nothing to lose. Heave a nice day.

  13. I just found a laptop charger, connect to the Monitor and work!.. but the bright for the monitor is not to high.. some advice???. thanks.

  14. Dude, great video. Fantastic, helped me. I just got four cinemas for $60 (steal) but no power supplies. I'm dead in the water right now.

  15. I ordered the PSU from the ebay link and it appears to be a little updated from what you have in the video. It does not have the 110/220v switch. Does that mean it will automatically adjust when I plug it in?

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