[4K] PUBG on Xbox One: Miramar Desert Map Analysis + Is Performance Any Better?

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PUBG’s second map – Miramar – is coming to Xbox One. But just how close is it to the PC version? And has performance improved at all with the new code? Rich checks it out.

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  1. Funny how they have the brightness/contrast on the Xbox X version turned down to make the PC version look better. Classic Digital Foundry.
    Not saying it's better than the PC, obviously… Just saying they make it look even worse.

  2. They should have just released the next xbox instead of leaving everyone who already have the console with a stick up their ass. This gen sucks.

  3. Fortnite is released pubg is still in game preview people only play fortnite because they is to cheap to pay $30 they keep comparing the two but at this point there is no comparing these two.

  4. What's funny is that the new test server version is better running than the normal game. Even after all the time and bug patches the newest map out preforms the Erangel (?) map. Run them side by side you'll see.

  5. On Xbox? I'd say the load times are worse, half the games I launch into don't let me see the plane or map until we're past the halfway mark even though I hear the props. Not to mention the buildings don't render in in time to drop shit like Hacienda or Leon.

  6. Honestly I don't mind that the glitches only occur at the beginning, after the first minute, the game runs perfectly fine for the next 20.

  7. lmfao this is ridiculous…With the amount of money they've made they still can't hire proper devs to solve the numerous issues they're having with their game. People are tired of reading "this and that bug will be solved in the next patch" while all what really happens is that they're bringing out a patch with an even bigger bug that crashes the small ones lmfao…Bluehole is a fucking joke and I'm talking about the PC version. I wouldn't even dare trying this game on Xbox

  8. It should of been scaled down. Make it 75 players and reduce the map by 25%. It's console, you have to be willing to sacrifice something. Still plenty of room and still plenty of players for a good console BR game. On the X is looks alright and runs…..decent, but I would of been willing to have it scaled down for a smoother experience.

  9. Stop blaming the developers. Just because you can't purchase a good gaming pc doesn't mean you cqn blame the developers. Xbox is cheap and shit rig, so stop blaming the developers. Lol

  10. En xbox one s ya no pasa lo de las texturas, he jugado mas de 10 partidas despues de la ultima actualización y ya no me pasa e incluso me inicia mucho mas rapido y no se me cae, la mejor actualización.

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