$400 Skirt – PUBG Updates & State Of The Game

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Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about the crazy Battlegrounds market place, recent game updates & more.

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  1. Wanna see item prices drop like a girl named Crystal with daddy issues for a twenty? Increase high value item drop chances. Fucking levelcap, always gotta make shit more complicated.

  2. i think that you should cut a little slack on the whole fun vs win thing. that line is there for all games, screwing around with friends vs winning and being competitive.

  3. Isn't this game in alpha still? What other game in alpha has this many people,this active of a developer, this amount of updates and introduced features and strong social following? Not too many…some people treat this game as if it is fully released. There is multiple stages of development for a reason

  4. I for one don't really mind the items market system that PUGS is trying mimic. As long as the items are cosmetic and doesn't give them a noticeable advantage then it shouldn't be a problem. What really bothers me is the lack of effort they are putting to the premium cosmetics. They look so basic like something you can get at Walmart. At least CS:GO take some effort in the design of the skins.

  5. Boring? Really? Dude i think you play the wrong game, you are clearly a Quake person. I have most fun trying to stealth kill people, watch them looting houses for minutes without knowing that i watch them. You should play Battlefield more before your "suggestions" ruin what makes the game so different.

  6. Why are people bitching about the microtransactions? There is no need to buy keys and dumb shit like that… But if you sell the crates you get, you can make a few dollars. I made 30 or so dollars just selling the bloody crates…

  7. > Early Access
    > 400$ Skirt Ingame Items despite Dev saying there will be no Microtrans. before release
    > Does it anyways for a quick buck instead of fixing bugs.


  8. I dont really care about camping.everyone camps at end round. Its smart. I do wish they could add something thats a lil faster. Somedays i dont play because i know the risk and the waste of time it feels like after you die. And i understand that when you win you get like a record and coins but it feels so cheap. Ive won like 5 times and its not that satisfying the 3rd time round.

  9. Dude, I have spent 10 bucks total in keys to PUBG. I just unboxed hot pants worth 170 dollars. I think this system is great, it really rewards people for actually getting lucky.

  10. I do not understand why people play this game. It does not look fun at all. and the loot stuff and buying and selling stuff for real money and people say its okey to do so. Well have fun with this game, it will never be installed on my computer. because of the business model.

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