20 Games That Defined the Apple IIGS

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20 Games That Defined the Apple IIGS:

1987 Xenocide (Pangea Software)
1987 Tower of Myraglen (PBI Software)
1987 Thexder (Sierra/Game Arts)
1988 Alien Mind (PBI Software)
1988 Arkanoid (Taito)
1988 Zany Golf (EA/Sandcastle)
1988 Marble Madness (EA/Atari)
1989 Gnarly Golf (Fanfare/Britannica/Visual Concepts)
1989 Crystal Quest (Casady & Greene)
1989 Great Western Shooutout (Fanfare/Britannica/Visual Concepts)
1989 Senseless Violence 1: The Survival of the Fetus (Pangea Software)
1989 Futureshock 3D (Neeka Electronics)
1989 Arkanoid II: Revenge of the Doh (Taito)
1990 Task Force (Fanfare/Britannica/Visual Concepts)
1990 Rastan (Taito)
1990 Cosmocade: Journey to Calibus & Naxos (Pangea Software)
1990 The Immortal (EA/Sandcastle)
1991 GATE (Bright Software)
1991 Sensei (Miami Sofware)
1992 DuelTris (Dreamworld)


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