13 Pro Tips to Improve Your PUBG MOBILE Game

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Today Powerbang unveils 13 key tips and tricks to help PUBG Mobile beginners instantly become better players. Use these tips to start earning chicken dinners right away!

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  1. MAYBE USEFUL TO NEW PLAYERS : edit your controls bye yourself.(dont copy other.s every one has own style of playing)…ON PEEK OPTION….it could be more easy and yeh make use of claw ..IT WILL TAKE TIME to get used to it….soo that you can play like me lol….ALL PUBG PLAYERS SUBSCRIBE ME FOR BEST PUBG PLAYS ….. IM AM PUBG MOBILE PRO..BETTER YOU DECIDE SEEING MY VIDEOS WHETHER I AM PRO OR NOT..

  2. My problem is that my teamates is so annoying they die to soon and after they get knocked out they afk when u already revived him… and they dont know how to be strategic…

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