10 Video Game First Boss Battles That Totally Broke You

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You’d think the first hurdle to jump would be a relatively easy one, to ease you into a video game’s experience. Nah, have a cliff and a stepladder.

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  1. Soooo….why is Iudex Gundyr on this list? Even on my first playthrough as a virgin to any of the soulsborne games Iudex Gundyr was not a very difficult boss. His moves are all very predictable and easy to dodge or parry even in second phase. (Wouldn't advise trying to parry in that phase though. Not even sure he can be parried in phase 2)

  2. High-quality video! Always keep creating good content and you are going to grow really fast! Subscribe to our channel and so we could subscribe to you!

  3. Baldur from God of War is definitely harder than fucking cleric beast or Gundyr. (of course if you played on higher difficulty)

  4. Gundaryn wasn't that hard dark souls isn't that hard just requires a lot of patience something that today's gamers don't have. But this is coming from a experience veteran who's been playing games since the ps1 and n64 days. Watch what your opponent is doing every dark soul enemies have a opening let them finish there attack sequence. A lot of times you may only get one or two hits in don't get greedy back off dodge wait for your opportunity to attack again.

  5. why did you put in so many From Software games? a third of the video is From Software, but we already knew about those, you could've just put 1 for the sake of it and that's it…. oh well, at least DMC made it in.

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