10 Best PC Games Of All Time

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PC Gaming is a whole universe in itself, and we’re barely scratching the surface.

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  1. BOOOOOOO!!!! That Fallout 1 tease and then neither Fallout 1 nor 2!
    The sheer freedom Fallout 2 offered despite the rather simple and limited gameplay is to this day quite incredible.
    A decent list but I'd still give the credit to Doom over Quake, just as giving credit to Age of Empires 2 over say… StarCraft which became a global juggernaut for the RTS genre… was fair.

  2. This list is bullshit. Clearly, you love strategy games. I mean, who doesn't but that is not the reason to put so many of them on this list.
    This is the first video from your channel that i had to hit dislike.

  3. Counter-Strike was the best mainly because the options were extremely open. Having player run servers that could import customized maps was incredible. Then there's the fact that game modes were a real thing. You could have your two standard options (bombs or hostages), but then there was also superhero servers, RPG's, zombies, surfing… FUCKING SURFING. Counter-Strike had endless replay value because of this variety, allowing those who like playing the same thing all time to do so while others could change it up. Frankly I miss surfing and wish that there was a modern version of it (if anyone knows of one please point me towards it, indie or alpha are fine).

  4. Portal, a 4h game, over half life 2, of which is a mod…
    Portal 2 was very good but nothing in comparison to hl2, not by a long shot.

  5. WoW this list sucked. Were you making a Valve list but ran out of games??? Plus why are so many of the 'best PC games' multiplatform??? Unless the PC version is undeniably better than the other platforms, it shouldn't be on this list.

  6. I hate when people posting videos use the phrase “of all time”…I’m sorry, did Time suddenly just….STOP? Can you see into the future and tell that there will be nothing better? I’m an inquiring mind and want to know :p

  7. I love Portal and objectivly it belongs on the top. But I get that a lot of people would have other lists. I mean, come on… only 10 games? What about Warcraft 3, what about Fallout, what about X-Com, Crysis, The Witcher 3, and so on and so forth… But I think you've found a good and solid top 10.

  8. My top 10 is
    1)Half Life 2
    2)Age of Empires 2
    3)Portal 2
    5)Bioshock (All of them)
    6)World of Warcraft
    9)Call of Duty 2
    10Rome Total War (All Total Wars)

  9. Phantasy Star Online Ephinea or Ultima Server that are still active to this day. Phantasy Star Online 2 with English patch (can't English patch the PS4 or Vita version, because they're closed garden platforms/ risk PSN ban going online with modded systems, also Aida and co. aren't even making their patch available for these systems). Halo Online, Zelda BotW at 60fps on Cemu and generally every console from PS3 and below emulated at 60fps and higher resolutions. Rising number of formerly PlayStation-exclusive Japanese titles, like Yakuza 0/Kiwami and several other Sega games Ike Vanquish, Bayonetta, etc, Dragon Quest XI, Nioh, NieR Automata, Ni No Kuni 2, Final Fantasy series, Tales of series, and several other JRPGs, niche visual novel games, etc. As sales for marquee Japanese games are on their decline on Sony consoles, the PC has risen to become the secondary platform for them in recent years; with PC being the main gaming platform in Asian countries, such as China/South Korea, etc, these Japanese games are doing rather well on PC in those territories. Notice that aside from KH3, which has been in development for a long time, almost every Square Enix game announced at their E3 press conference was either multiplat or PC and PS4.

  10. FPS games, particularly multiplayer FPS games, are a bit overrepresented here. What about Witcher 3? Starcraft? The Sims? Baldur's Gate/BG2? Cosplay Fetish Academy? … erm, forget about that last one.

  11. Planescape: Torment
    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
    Silent Hill
    Metro 2033/Last Light
    Dishonored (with its DLCs)
    Fallout: New Vegas (with its DLCs)
    Half-Life 2
    Penumbra: Black Plague

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