We Got a SNEAK PEEK at PUBG’s New Jungle Map

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
Welcome to the jungle. PUBG is testing out the new map they’re calling Codename: Savage. It is a 4×4 kilometer island, making it a QUARTER of the size of their other maps while still maintaining 100 players. (It’s a freakin war zone, people!) The jungle provides a ton of coverage with trees, bushes and hills, leaving just a few spots with open fields. There are also new buildings, including a resort and temple, which, as of now, are completely void of furniture. In addition, textures are missing from some structures, something that’ll surely change in the future. Care packages still drop, Red Zones still blow up, vehicles are still available and the blue zone still shrinks…but MUCH more quickly. This jungle map isn’t available on Xbox, regular PC, or PC Test servers, yet. It’s only available to players with access to the “Experimental Test Server”. But before you call up your squad and tell them to get it, know this: It’s currently in FPP and Solo mode ONLY. PLUS PUBG has stopped giving out codes to the Experimental Test Server. What do you think about the new, smaller map? Let us know in the comments!
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