VR News Jun 6 2017 – What About Apple and Rift? – Breaking Bad VR – Arizona Sunshine PSVR & More!

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Cheers Guys!

News starts with Oculus and their absence from Apple’s VR ambitions given their join activities at conferences during 2015. Next, Breaking Bad will be getting some type of VR experience or game in the future. Sony expected to announce quite a few VR games at E3.

Arizona Sunshine will be coming to PSVR with full Aim controller support, additional details in the video. Microsoft states that Wireless VR is the future but will have no updates on their VR plans at E3.

Lastly, HP has listened to feedback regarding their Backpack PC and has made some changes. SteamVR will now support more than 2 lighthouse sensors with the newer 2.0 version of the lighthouse.


Intro: Finally, Mancave and Desk Collide!!! 00:00 to 01:23

Headline: Oculus Mum on Rift Support for MacOS in the Wake of Apple’s VR Announcements
Source: http://www.roadtovr.com/oculus-mum-rift-support-macos-wake-apples-vr-announcements/
Timeline: 01:24 to 03:22

Headline: Breaking Bad is Getting a VR Experience
Source: https://uploadvr.com/breaking-bad-psvr/
Timeline: 03:23 to 04:45

Headline: E3 2017: Sony Will Show ‘ A Number Of’ New VR Games At The Show
Source: https://uploadvr.com/sony-new-vr-games-e3/
Timeline: 04:46 to 05:44

Headline: Arizona Sunshine Gleams With PSVR’s Aim Controller
Source: https://uploadvr.com/arizona-sunshine-gleams-psvrs-aim-controller/
Timeline: 05:45 to 07:56

Headline: Microsoft Aims For Wireless VR On Console But Not At E3
Source: https://uploadvr.com/report-microsoft-aims-wireless-vr-console-not-e3/
Timeline: 07:57 to 09:14

Headline: HP Backpack Omen X Addresses Complaint and Adds Docking Station
Source: https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/06/hps-omen-x-is-a-wearable-gaming-pc-with-a-dock.html
Timeline: 09:15 to 10:40

Headline: SteamVR Now Supports More (and Less Expensive) Base Stations
Source: https://venturebeat.com/2017/06/05/steamvr-now-supports-more-and-less-expensive-base-stations/
Timeline: 10:41 to 12:33


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  1. Thanks for all the work you do love the show. My wife even missed your voice when you took that time off. You are a nightly event before each sleep… good to have you back.

  2. Awesome to have every day bring a bit more of the house to completion and just being able to spend quality time with my ladies. That alone is worth it all 🙂

    Budget talk was only meant to illustrate that new games will take a bit longer but thats fine as lots of other cools things planned now that I have time!

    While you can just see one bit of greenscreen eventually 3 of the 4 walls will all be greenscreened, can't wait!

  3. @epyx911

    Check out Tribal Instincts video about the deluxe audio headstrap. Apparently the back of the head strap deteriorates with sweat.

    Might want to put out the message DO NOT BUY ONE right now, wait and see what happens.

  4. I read today that the new 2.0 lighthouse's​ are not compatible with the original headset.

    is this is indeed correct, we are suck with two lighthouse, until we upgrade headsets. 🙁

    but they also said that you will be able to upgrade just the headsets as they advance and you old lighthouse will be compatible. so look like you'll be upgrade piecemeal.

  5. Awesome Epyx! I am looking forward to the Breaking Bad game. Hey, have you had the opportunity to play Star Trek Bridge Crew yet? It is freak'n fabulous! So hilarious! What I think is super cool is that you can have someone on their Vive, another person on their PSVR, and another on their Rift, all playing and communicating in the same game. Please check it out and do a review if you get a chance.

  6. Totally off-topic geek-out. I used to work for a company, called Guiltspur/Bullens, next to the Elstree Studios, that made the Millenium Falcon (Full-scale stage prop) in 1976. The boss had the actually blueprints behind his desk for years. I'd love to know what happened to them now.

  7. You try the new VIVE strap? I've had it since June 2nd and it's really a must for VIVE owners to be honest. I thought youtube doesn't pay anymore it's people, specially if they don't have like 10k views everytime I heard something like that.

    The move controllers are a pile of crap.

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