VR News Jun 27, 2017 – Public VR Illegal in Russia!? – Apple acquires SMI? & More!

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Epyx911 VR News:

Cheers Guys!

News starts with ‘Front Defense’ a WW2 shooter for Vive and then we talk about “The Void’ opening up in Toronto, Canada.

Next, did Apple stealthily acquire SMI? Today saw 2 games announced for Windows ‘Mixed Reality’.

Lastly, was a Russian activist arrested for wearing an HMD in public? Tokyo based ‘Vaqso’ designs an odor emitting HMD add-on…


Headline: WWII Shooter ‘Front Defense’ Launches Today For HTC Vive On VivePort
Source: http://www.roadtovr.com/front-defense-vr-review-htc-vive/
Timeline: 00:00 to 01:03

Headline: The Void Opens VR Experience Center in Toronto
Source: http://variety.com/2017/digital/news/the-void-tonroto-vr-center-1202479147/
Timeline: 01:04 to 02:11

Headline: Apple Acquires VR & AR Eye-Tracking Company SMI
Source: http://www.roadtovr.com/report-apple-acquires-vr-ar-eye-tracking-company-smi/
Timeline: 02:12 to 03:24

Headline: Two Games Announced for Windows Mixed Reality VR Headsets
Source: https://uploadvr.com/first-windows-mixed-reality-vr-apps-revealed/
Timeline: 03:25 to 04:19

Headline: Russian Activist Arrested For Using VR In Public?
Source: https://uploadvr.com/russian-activist-reportedly-arrested-using-vr-public/
Timeline: 04:20 to 06:09

Headline: Tokyo Based ‘Vaqso’ Designed Odor Emitting attachment for VR Headsets
Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/japanese-startup-vaqso-adding-smells-virtual-reality-2017-6
Timeline: 06:10 to 07:36

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  1. Cheers Guys, had a couple people message me privately regarding what I meant about WW2…it's not that I didn't want to talk about it just didn't want to rehash what I had already said. However, its been a while and obviously easy to miss given the volume of videos on this channel.

    So in quick summary…here is the 101 on what I meant when i said my familie's "WW2 Situation".

    Mom is from Germany and Dad from Netherlands. When they got married there was still a lot of quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) discrimination against Germans because of WW2. My dutch Grandparents warmed up to my mother REALLY quickly which given how much they suffered during WW2 at the hands of Germany is pretty remarkable as you would almost give them a pass for making a joke or two…but they didn't.

    So my Dutch grandfather was a WW2 dutch resistance fighter who was able to avoid being sent to a labour camp during a civilian roundup thanks to forged papers that made his age about 14 years older he avoided this. My grandparents frequently endured hunger and during the 'hongerwinter' (Hunger Winter of 1944-45) had to resort to boiling and eating leather from shoes along with whatever rodents/insects could be acquired.

    German grandfather a soldier in the German army. Now, he spoke out against the war 2 times…first time during ferrying German military to Norway/Denmark he was arrested and court marshaled. Thanks to a friend in a high place he got off…then he made the mistake of doing it again and this time was sentenced to the Russian front. There he was captured and remained a POW until 1949 in a negative 5 star Gulag hotel…Russian ladies sometimes hid potatoes for them in their dresses but supplemental meals usually consisted of insects/rodents.

    During his captivity he was barely fed and poorly looked after. Years later would frequently have nightmares where he spoke fluent Russian and then woke up refusing to talk about his time there (the details came much later).

    Fast forward to 1969 and my folks get married and well you can imagine the family politics at the time but thankfully stuck it out for me and my brothers to be born!

    So ya..WW2 of interest to me on all fronts (excuse the bad pun…).

    NOTE: This isn't for any kind of sick competition on who had it rougher in WW2 as obviously if you were a Jewish prisoner you often wouldn't live to see the end of the war. This is NOT about that its about MY family's story and nothing else…

  2. Hi Epyx911, been following for a while, and thought this might be of interest to you.
    I recently had an issue with my Rift, the right screen just stopped working one day. (no one else has had this issue that I could find)
    So I contacted Oculus, and after presenting all my info, and providing some pics of the problem, and the HMD barcode, they had me ship everything back, and about a week later (today) I received all brand new equipment at no cost to me. (other than the time) Now my unit was still within the 1 year warranty, so I can't speak for experiences with that, but I'm quite happy with the quick replacement and not just some refurbished HMD with my original parts.

  3. Epyx911, please do not touch those crazy political "activists", no matter what they do on Red Square for the smelly headers like you mentioned. There was one idiot recently nailing his scrotum to the cobbles on RS, were there any headers like "Terror in Russia, nailing your scrotum to the ground is no longer legal"?

  4. About using vr in public being illegal in Russia.TL DR version – It's a click bait.Just went thro her blog (at least the arest incident part). There is no word that vr was the issue. She was running around blindfolded watching a 360video of some psychiatric clinic bumping in to people and stuff (imagine if she walked in to the traffic). Plus the incident wasn't on first day as said in that article but on 9th-10th(she is still doing it). The only mention of vr was that a police officer (not even those that took her in) made a joke asking her "in which reality are you?". 2nd part of her blog for that day I find hard to believe but, it is about how she was taken to psychiatric clinic (nothing about vr there too). (no I didn't use translators, I can fluently speak Russian)

  5. Hey from the UK. Cant help but notice you are gradually moving to your left! i have estimated within the next 2 weeks we wont be able to see you!!! your news would not be the same without seeing the expression on your face on some subjects. still the best VR news on the net and we really appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Cheers.

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