Top 10 Minecraft Skins Of All Time! | Most Popular Downloads | 2016 | [1.8.9] [1.9]

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Top 10 Minecraft Skins Of All Time! | Downloads | 2016 | [1.8.9] [1.9]

Here is a new up to date list of the most popular Minecraft skins of all time. This list is not made to showcase the best Minecraft skins or my favorites, but simply to show which are the most popular/downloaded in Minecraft skins in history.

Minecraft Skin #10 Yoshi :
Minecraft Skin #9 Link from Legend of Zelda:
Minecraft Skin #8 DanTDM from The Diamond Minecart:
Minecraft Skin #7 Deadpool:
Minecraft Skin #6 Trollface:
Minecraft Skin #5 Captain America:
Minecraft Skin #4 Iron Man:
Minecraft Skin #3 Mr. Creeper:
Minecraft Skin #2 Batman:
Minecraft Skin #1 Herobrine:

Dinnerbone Top 1000 Skins:

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  1. Most skins fall into stereotypes, including all girl skins have short shorts and long hair, it's really frustrating how most skins fall into stereotypes

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