The PUBG Sisplanation – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Funny Moments

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Featuring ‘Sis’ Simply & ‘Fug’ Face. More Sis & Fug can be found here
(Dr_Playstation Release Coming soon! Sit tight)


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  1. My friends in school believe that I am Dr. Face, because of an old gag they ran in class which started a matter of years ago. Apparently, because I was the only one that played Garry's Mod back then, they asked if I was Dr. Face, and as naive and gullible as I was, I agreed. Now I can't tell them otherwise, since it's been so long.


  2. A lot of this sub base is toxic, those people just need to honestly leave, if he finds the game fun, let him play it and upload it to youtube, it's good game, most of the people hating on it don't actually even have the game.

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