The Best Game Boy Nintendo Ever Made: Game Boy Light

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The Game Boy line of consoles is much beloved by our generation, but it’s one major flaw shouldn’t go unrecognized. Luckily, Japan had a solution…

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  1. I definitely had one of those bendy lights. Then I tried the all in one GBC magnifying glass, light, D-pad to analog stick mix, exponentially disappointed. I went back to the bendy light.

  2. I have mint GB light CIB. Once I got it last year, first game I played was Mario Land 2 and it was almost unplayable. Screen blur and hard to see enemies. Playing it makes me feel like something it wrong with my eyes.

  3. keep in mind that most US homes in 2018 use led and or "energy efficient" lighting which are "Dim" when compared to the 100w incandescent bulbs of the 90's go to the hardware store grab a good old 100W old school glass globe style incandescent and pop it in a lamp close by and enjoy that old school quality goodness

  4. There´s a knock-off console called the GB Boy Colour which is shaped like an original GB Color (yes one uses American spelling and the other British), but has backlight and plays games all the way up to the SP, so basically the perfect way for collectors to play any GB(A) game.

  5. The screen on the pocket is a TN screen that is vastly superior to the STN screen on the original gameboy. To say it didn't address the screen issue is just wrong.

    Also, the AGS-101 doesn't have 'a front light and a backlight', it just has a backlight.

  6. "Yeah, I remember that version. I had that as a kid."
    "Either you grew up in Japan or no you @#%* didn't."

    Or you could have imported like I did. And yes, that was a thing even before the internet. =)

  7. I did get to see this and play it back in the day but I didn't grow up in Japan lol I have a older cousin who has been in the armed services for over 30 years and he was stationed in Japan for most of the 90's one of his trips back home to see family he brought one with he had the gold one I got to play with it for a little bit and it was really cool that light did indeed make all the difference in the world. I'm not sure if he still has it though.

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