1. I definitely vote for the cartoon women in this case!

    By the way, the strip poker game I used to play back in the day was "Hollywood Strip Poker Pro" (or something like that)…. had four women, afaik… though one was really hideous.
    One funny thing about that game is you had a 'zoom in' function, that would give you a very pixellated close up of whatever section you chose.

  2. The ridiculous irony of YouTube is that they ban the slightest bit of pixelated nudity, but they allow obnoxious 13 year olds to drop F bombs and the N word left and right.

  3. i have this exact game on dos its a little different graphics wise but pretty much the same its a bootleg copy my dad made years ago but i suck so much at poker so yeah 

  4. Wow, I had no idea the Apple IIGS had such good graphics… Now I gotta look around for an emulator for it… But I'll be sure to get more games than this! 😀

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