Strip Poker: A Sizzling Game of Chance for the Apple II

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Came also out for:

Atari 8-bit
Atari ST
Commodore 64

Game description:

You are a male player, who wants to undress your woman opponent playing cards. In 5-card poker, you bet own money for a round and if you are lucky, then collect winnings and watch your opponent undress. Your opponent removes clothing every time she loses one hundred dollars. You must make her strip five times to win.

The master disk contains two opponents, Suzi and Melissa, but you may acquire Data disks to add other opponents like Marlena, Candi, etc.

What I think:

Now, this is a “Strip game” that is worth the money.

You can get up to 6 different opponents (4 women and 2 men) and it’s challenging….err, then again I am horrible at Poker games, so that might be just me, lol.

Oh yeah, my opponent does NOT drop her clothes in this video, sorry.

(You might QQ now ;))


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