Star Wars for the Apple II

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Game description:

You are a Rebel cadet. who tries to fight off the hostile Imperials, which attack the Star Base.

What I think:

Not a good game, sadly.

Reversed controls and a gameplay that makes you feel drunk, because you will think you are the TIE-fighter and not the defender.

The TIE-fighter is the only thing that moves on the screen…and that can become quite confusing.

But I think that somewhere in this game is some fun hidden…but it needs to be tickled out.


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  1. I played a text-based only version of this one that would basically buzz and flash when Darth Vader would arrive. You also had to swing on a rope across a chasm and decide who would be on the rope and when. Every damn time I swung across with Chewbacca that stupid Wookie's weight would cause the rope to snap, killing both of us and ending the game!

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