SKT vs KSV Game 1 – LCK Spring Playoffs 2018 – SKT T1 vs KSV G1 LCK Playoffs 2018 | SKT T1 Replays

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SKT vs KSV Game 1 – LCK Spring Playoffs 2018 – SK Telecom T1 vs KSV e-Sports G1 LCK Playoffs 2018 – LCK Spring 2018 Playoffs. Enjoy!

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  1. Amazingly Casseopeia and Trundle work decently in my rating a good number of LCS picks fail in my rating completely but I will tell you for certain Casseopeia works well even in the lowest rating as long as the Casseopeia in question plays her decently with good positioning then yes…she can even become legendary I've done it myself..She can also stack immense amounts of AP without even worrying about boots you can just fill the boots slot with….more AP….

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