Scotch & Smoke Rings Episode 456 – Metro Last Light Special Missions

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  1. That's so crazy. You were sick as well as another of my favorite YouTubers, Jeremy Jahns, and at the same time I was sick for a few days! Something's going around YouTube.

  2. will our has oxhorn done broken steel. FO3 lore. i know he dislikes the BOS faction just asking.

    instead testing testing 123. oh i got my nipple 😂😂

  3. Hi, here’s an idea on another fallout 4 lore vid. In the museum of freedom there is a painting of American history on one part that painting is. An astronaut on the moon but not the one from the Apollo missions. So if there were people on the moon then did any bombs go there.

  4. Wow Man People Love Your Channel Proven By +1K Likes Only 17 Dislikes, Best Stats I've Ever Seen, Also I Love All Your Videos Like ALL OF THEM!

  5. Hey ox I am moneygramma. I do fallout 4 builds and Im so obsessed I even built a fallout-based shack in my backyard. I have a few videos on settlements but would you please support me on patreon so that my channel could grow?

  6. Hey oxhorn more lore on the Atlantic offices is its located on Atlantic as you were saying in your shamrock tap house video you said we continue on Atlantic Avenue and you passed the exact same building you thought was Atlantic offices

  7. Man that was painful, the entiretly of the Khan mission, staying in radiation hot spots in the Pavel mission, constantly ignoring the Lolife, if only because I love that gun.

    Also Ox, have you considered doing a playthrough of Wasteland/Wasteland 2? They're post apocalyptic CRPGs in a similar vein to the original Fallouts.

  8. I left a comment talking about the next FO game what I'd like to see, as an added point, what if they could add a "ZORK" kind of dialogue options for the player to ask the questions that actually come up. Like I want to ask "father" if he knew there were synths or if he's responsible for synths replacing and killing the person they look like (art vs art) to be able to ask questions outside of the box. Not selecting a dialog but ask your own question.

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