Scorpio CONFIRMED for E3 + New Bloodborne/Dark Souls Game Teased? + Apple to Buy Disney? – The Know

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Xbox has confirmed that we’ll have to wait for E3 to see Xbox Scorpio. More hints that Halo 3 could be getting a release on PC 10 years later. Apple is reportedly in the market to acquire Disney. Plus, Bandai Namco is teasing what could be a new game in the vein of Bloodborne or Dark Souls, Jude Law is the new Dumbledore, are we in for an R-Rated Mega Man, Burger King tried to hijack Google home devices, League of Legends fans are disappointed over Riot’s ruling against an esports team, and more Battlefront 2 details are coming.


Written By: Brian Gaar and Eddy Rivas
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins

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  1. Disney are considering a purchase of Netflix it would make no sense for them to sell to Apple due to the article saying "A combined apple-Disney, would create an instant competitor to Netflix" they wouldn't want that they already have incredibly strong ties to Netflix with the amount of Marvel stuff there

  2. Oh pleaaase don't be dark souls 4 just let it quietly fade. Use the formula for a plethora of other potential applications, bloodborne followup, fantasy mecha game. A souls esque or inspired ip but just… not Dark Souls.

  3. R rated Megaman? Not liking the idea. Just looking back at the history and everything I can't see R. PG-13, sure but R just feels like it would be unnatural and would use shots/lines just to achieve the R rating and a movie should NEVER do that.

  4. Hopefully Bandai Namco releases a totally new game or a new darksouls game because a bloodborne 2 would suck for xbox or pc players because Sony gobbled it up by making it exclusive. personally I think there should only be a few exclusive games for each platform. Having exclusive games just makes the whole industry more toxic.

  5. Sorry guys we are NOT getting BB2 or DS4 if that were true I wouldn't say this wait who am I kidding I am happy to say this the new Dark souls play style game is the new game called CODEVEIN it is a anime mix with dark souls and pretty much you are a vampire the whole world have a disease an element from the bloodborne game that everyone has a bloodlust and especially you but to cure this bloodlust you must defeat all bosses of the game or was it you have to kill to keep your bloodlust at bay anyways and there is more it is CO-OP all I know Play 1 will be the Protagonist and He has giant claws and a sword and his partner a girl who carries a rifle and has a Tail with a blade at the end if The Know or anyone else see this give the game a recommendation because I am very excited for it hope you are too and ps there don't exactly listen about the Bloodborne two cause rumors has it is in development just now coming out sooner sorry if i'm a buzz kill

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