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In this video i lay down my thoughts on the new player unknowns battlegrounds 1.0 version 2 update. ui changes updated sounds and so called optimization…. Hope you enjoy!

Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Spifferson/
SC: Spifferson

PC Specs:
Ryzen 1600 3.8ghz
1060 3gb 1900mhz
8gb ram 3000mhz
3tb HDD
250gb wd blue SSD


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  1. They said in the patch notes that the whole optimization/better textures will not be included in this 1.0 version 2 update. So thats why you guys can't see a difference in fps like last time

  2. i run the game fine on a 2012 laptop with a GTX 765M gpu, 16 ram and no ssd. i dont feel any real studders, apart from when i go into the room on milli where there is alot of fence cabnet things, constant 30 fps 1080p no hitches in use, apart from using a scope 8x or over, which is my only issue

  3. Yes i agree even thoe my game runs perfect i do have a fast ssd 32gb ram 1080 and a i7 8700k i do agree you shouldnt need all this to run the game smooth but i reckon we really shouldnt expect much from the game as they made it in one year instead of a normal game which would be 2-3 years so yes you shouldnt have to buy all this stuff but its still early access and hopefully in the future it will be good for all of us because i love the game and cant wait for more players to join

  4. – 16gb ram + i7-4790k + 1080ti and a 7200rpm Seagate Barracuda HDD, the game runs smoothly now 100 -110+ fps (had ram leak issues in the past, fps drops ,stuttering and tearing have also been reduced).
    – Will it make any difference in performance if I moved it into my SSD?
    – As far as the texture loading times are concerned I have not noticed any major difference, terrain loads a little bit faster but the warehouses are still quite slow to load.
    – i can't say anything about desync improvement as it differs from server to server and it is still a major issue.
    PS: on latest test servers i get 120 – 144fps looks like they have optimized it a little bit better.

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