PUBG Xbox: Weekly Dev Update – PTS Changes, Issues, Info

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The latest community post gives us info in more detail on the latest public test server changes . We take a look at the update and other news information to see what this means for PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds on Xbox One & PS4. #PUBG #PUBGXbox #Xbox #Update

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In this PUBG #video, we are going to be once again rounding up and discussing all the latest PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds news and updates coming from PUBG Corp and Bluehole themselves. I wanted to talk about the latest #update which improved #Stability and performance in the game. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and #subscribe to my channel for more PUBG #gameplay & #news videos 😀

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  1. Thanks to everyone who submitted clips for today's video. If you want your clips in future vids leave your Gamertag below (Make sure to add the correct spelling, caps and spaces)

  2. I'm on the x and nothing is rendering for me on mirimar and the textures are horrible on live servers it's fully loaded before I land and everything looks amazing ,I'm not liking this update either been top 10 every season and got over 8k kills and 600 wins can say I won't be playing as much if all this test server goes into live

  3. Am I the only fucking person who can't drive a car in the pts? It makes it so hard to play sometimes when I have to run to every fucking circle

  4. I have virtually nothing to complain about out of this PTS, other than the loading in the forst 30 seconds of the game. Everything thats being added has been really fun in this PTS

    Edit: 4:19 that was hilarious

  5. Don't know if the lighting has HDR or not but you are correct that it does look good on the X with a 4k HDR TV. I have seen it in 1080 on a S and it does look way more orange then for me.. Great vid as always! Sincerely Dez

  6. The grass Is a huge deal… Think man. People can shoot you from outside that distance even if you think you're hidden in the grass because on their screen you're laying on an UNTEXTURED GRASS LESS MESS, it's absolutely laughable and PATHETIC. Obviously the PUBG devs don't test their updates, or think for that matter.

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