PUBG Xbox Settings & Sensitivity Update (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds)

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  1. Hey average. I just really need to thank you, ur content has honestly helped me through a lot of shitty times in my life. I started watching in the good old days of hardline. Since the a lot has happened and ur content has made the road here a lot smoother. Keep up the amazing work.. this is making me very nostalgic haha but yeah thank you man 🙏🏼 p.s I used to comment ur old vids (my name was Pulse9one I think) I also remember having the honour to play battlefield one with u while u streaming… I’m getting of track again sorry lol. ❤️🙏🏼🌹

  2. Little kids using Xim because they have no skills and want cheap wins. With a bit of luck we can get a detection system for it and they can hand out console bans to the silly kids. Keep up the good work Average nice to see those wins done with skill.

  3. It looks like you never really hold your breath when you ads. Which is my reason for not switching to type b. I like being able to hold my breath which feels harder to do on control type b. What do you think? I like control type b for everything except for it being difficult to hold your breath. Is it not really beneficial, holding your breath I mean?

  4. I use type B as well and when I want to “soft aim” I just press LB instead of LT which will have you soft aim so there’s no need to switch back and forth with settings

  5. Thank You Batman, I mean average Sniper lol. You helped me out big time with this video. I thought I had to wait for the next patch to play again. You Are The Man!

  6. Idk how you survived that nade 3 feet away from you at the shooting range or that UAZ you blew up 3 feet away from your face, but I'm glad you did lol

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