1. Its funny bc it sucks really bad on pc. 1.0 is trash and there is hackers everywhere, and this is coming from someone who plays mainly pc, its fun on xbox tbh if you dont mind the slightly bad performance, half of you are little fucking performance freaks tho

  2. What I don't understand about this game on XBOX is why the lighting and foliage appear to have a better quality than lowest settings on PC… Surely they want to get the highest frame rate possible right? I played the XBOX version a few days ago and it was truly a stuttering mess, with sub30fps. They also don't allow you to change quality settings such as screen scaling. On PC I can run at 60-80fps average with absolute lowest settings + 85 screen scale, and even this seems very laggy compared to lighter titles such as CS:GO while looking a LOT worse visually.

  3. YK Gamespot is dying when you hire the stupid Destiny player to cover games he has NO IDEA how to play.
    Why do you need him over the shoulder of whoever is playing? The comments he makes are always useless. Just shut the fuck up and stay off camera

  4. So here’s what I suggest – decrease the size of the maps for console users make an exception for the future it may make it run better , and instead of the same repetitive bed sheets texture dotted about the houses get rid of those and include more cars and shit instead . lots repetition when could be ditched for things of actual use . Include AA at mo far too many jaggies for the performance you get with no much depth of field option – other than that for now , big potential

  5. gtx 1070s are 799.9$ . (about 14000 Egyptian dollars…)
    and because i live in Egypt, it's 18 times the price.
    it looks like i will go with the xbox one x…

  6. I am lucky to have the original Xbox One and the X versions, and I can confirm the original Xbox now runs great after the new update 🙂

  7. Guys do you think there will ever be a version that allows a circle to stop decreasing in size after a certain point? I like the idea of stealth without panic, the circle idea is a great new concept but it would be nice to have more variation!

  8. I’m looking to stream on my Xbox and I have an all in one pc at the moment and do not see a slot to place a capture card. Are the external capture cards acceptable and perform well until I have the money to build my gaming/streaming pc?

  9. hey dude – rly lovin your content ! Im into Pubg movie creating – we could really help each other. So check out my channel! Cheers

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